AfroCity was founded in 2011 congruent to the United Nations declaration of the International Decade for People of African Ascent and the installation of 21 Richmond Slave Trail Markers along 3 miles of the James River. Richmond was the second largest enslaved / breeding district in the United States, but also a place of resistance and a cornerstone of African American capitalism. AfroCity was imagined to boldly reflect African legacy before colonial captivity, to explore history, cultural identity and land stewardship themes.

AfroCity is a m├ętissage strategy; an educational and spiritual retreat to the triumphant stories and practices of ancestry that can help to build and grow industrious and healthy communities. Tours and talks highlight progressive ways to interpret local and global landscapes, infused with topics of social relevance such as the environment and sacred spaces. AfroCity bridges narratives of the African presence in Virginia and around the world.